20 New Fully Outfitted “Pure Rooms” Empower Wellness-Minded Marriott Guests to Wake Up to Wellness

Pure Wellness, the pioneer and leader in hotel guest room wellness solutions, has installed 20 Pure Rooms at two Marriott properties (10 rooms each) in Manchester, Connecticut. Wellness-minded travelers visiting the Residence Inn Hartford Manchester or the  Courtyard Hartford Manchester can now book and experience a Pure Room to wake up to their best.

“Whatever the day holds – an important business meeting, a 26.2-mile run, or a day at the park with the family – we understand that wellness-minded travelers want to be their best,” notes Larry Hall, CEO of Pure Wellness. “At Pure Wellness, our experience and research confirm for us that a hypoallergenic environment, purified air, and allergy-friendly bedding can change lives by giving people more energy, vitality, and peace of mind. Our patented process treats every surface and 100 percent of the air in a guest room, creating a truly hypoallergenic environment where guests report they enjoy the best sleep ever in a hotel room. Our ten-year history of guest comments and satisfaction surveys confirm this statement.”

A Certified Pure Room

Pure Rooms offer the wellness-minded traveler a guest room experience that promotes well-being. Through a comprehensive and patented seven-step process that includes deep-cleaning and treating all surfaces and equipment and installing a medical-grade air purifier and other filters, a Pure Room delivers purified air, establishes a hypoallergic environment, and provides allergy-friendly bedding.

For hospitality partners, Pure Rooms provide a means to better serve a distinct, affluent, and growing market segment with ease – the wellness-minded traveler. The Pure Room program creates, certifies, and maintains a property’s Pure Rooms, which places the property in a much stronger position to meet the preferences of the wellness-minded traveler. Pure Rooms represent the guest room of choice for the wellness-minded traveler.

Pure Wellness maintains over 3,100 Pure Rooms in leading hotel brands across the country, including many Hilton, Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, and Embassy Suites locations.

“When a guest enters a Pure Room, they not only feel the difference, but they see the Pure Room inspection certificate and enjoy unparalleled peace of mind,” adds Hall.

To find a Pure Room, learn more about the company or contact Pure Wellness, visit Pureroom.com.


About Pure Wellness

Pure Wellness represents the thought and practice leader in hotel guest room programs for hotels. The company’s Pure Room offering offers the wellness-minded traveler a guest room experience that promotes well-being, so they can “be their best.”. With over 3,100 rooms, leading hotel brands including Hilton, Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, Embassy Suites and others trust Pure Wellness solutions to provide purified air, a hypoallergenic environment and allergy-friendly bedding in their rooms. To learn more, visit Pureroom.com.

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