What will effective hotel online distribution look like in 2019?

For one thing, it will correspond to the journey taken by today’s digital travelers as they search for and book their hotels online. Or journeys, we should say. Because the online distribution landscape offers guests different paths that will lead them to book with their hotel of choice.

The infographic guide below illustrates three main digital avenues travelers can take to reach your hotel — and breaks down the importance and benefits of all three when it comes to selling your rooms to your guests online.

Hotel distribution and metasearch marketing with trivago

As the guide illustrates, an effective 2019 hotel online distribution strategy will include hotel metasearch. Why? Because search engines for hotels, or metasearch sites, have become an important step in the travelers’ booking journey — and therefore a pivotal part of a hotel’s online distribution.

Because trivago is a leading global hotel metasearch, it’s one of the top hotel search tools you’ll want to use to market your hotel for direct and indirect distribution this year. To get started, register for a free account on trivago Hotel Manager.

Register on trivago Hotel Manager

Have more questions about how trivago and hotel metasearch can help your hotel distribution in 2019? This video goes into more detail and shows you exactly how trivago works to bring your hotel bookings. 

Looking to make trivago a part of your direct distribution plan? This article walks you step by step through how to drive direct bookings with trivago. 

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