Looking for answers to your questions about your hotel on trivago, a leading global hotel metasearch?

You’ve come to the right place.

We recently checked in with the dedicated, informed, and incredibly helpful individuals of trivago’s Hotelier Care team to find out which questions they were asked most often last year.

Below, you’ll find the quick versions of their answers to these questions, along with tips on where you can learn more. Familiarizing yourself with the info in these FAQs would be an excellent way to start on your 2019 trivago hotel marketing strategy.

1. Why is my hotel on trivago?

As a metasearch, trivago compares hotel deals from hundreds of online booking sites to help millions of travelers find their ideal hotel. Your property appears on trivago because you’re partnered with at least one of those booking sites. Learn more.

2. What does it cost to have my hotel on trivago?

trivago Hotel Manager, the easy-to-use marketing platform that enables you to add your hotel to trivago and make it stand out with a unique profile, is totally free. Learn more.

3. How can I improve my hotel’s visibility on trivago?

There are a few ways you can improve your hotel’s visibility on trivago.

One is by taking advantage of trivago Hotel Manager, the free online tool for hotel owners and managers. trivago Hotel Manager helps you upload and maintain the content of your trivago profile. Another way is by taking advantage of the premium marketing features of a PRO account. Learn more.

4. Why does my hotel not appear on trivago?

For your hotel to appear in trivago search results, it needs to be bookable with rates available through at least one booking site that’s advertising room rates on trivago. Learn more.

You can also advertise your website rates through Rate Connect, improving your chances of appearing in search results as well as enabling you to drive direct bookings.  Learn more.

5. How can I add my hotel to trivago?

Add your hotel to trivago using trivago Hotel Manager. If you don’t yet have a trivago Hotel Manager account, fret not; the registration process is free, easy, and completed in just a few minutes. Learn more.

6. How can I add a hotel to my existing trivago Hotel Manager account?

You can add another hotel (or multiple hotels) to your trivago Hotel Manager account by selecting the Assign Hotel option in your Account Settings area. Learn more.

7. What if my hotel is already assigned to an account?

This is an issue that the Support team can easily resolve for you when you reach out to them directly. Learn more.

8. How can I add a Special Offer to my trivago hotel profile?

When you have a trivago Hotel Manager PRO account, you can use one of the available templates to post a Special Offer on your profile. Learn more.

Alternatively, you can also choose to write your own Special Offer. Learn more.

9. I forgot my trivago Hotel Manager password; what can I do?

You can reset your trivago Hotel Manager password by going here: www.trivago.com/hotelmanager/lost_password.html

10. How do guest ratings on trivago work?

trivago uses the trivago Rating Index ™, or tRI, to help travelers on the site quickly gauge a property’s reputation. The tRI uses an algorithm to render an impartial score on a 0-10 scale for each property based on millions of guest ratings aggregated from across the Internet. Learn more.

11. How can I change the name of my hotel on trivago?

You can change the name of your property as it appears on trivago in the Hotel Details area of your trivago Hotel Manager account. Learn more.

12. How can I update the hotel details on my profile on trivago?

Adding or updating your hotel details, such as your contact information, location, room amenities, payment methods, and more, is easily done in your trivago Hotel Manager account. Simply log in and head over to the Hotel Details area from the navigation menu on the left. Learn more.

13. How can I upload images to my hotel profile on trivago?

When you’re logged in to your trivago Hotel Manager account, choose Images from the navigation menu on the left to reach your image library. From there, you can upload one or multiple photos at a time from your computer or mobile device. Learn more.

You can also find tips on how to take stunning hotel photos in this article.

14. How can I add a description to my hotel profile on trivago?

This is yet another task easily accomplished in your trivago Hotel Manager account. Simply log in, choose Description from the navigation menu, and click on Create your description. Learn more.

15. How long does it take before updates appear on my hotel profile?

Changes made to the trivago Hotel Manager platform are checked by our editorial staff before being they can be displayed on trivago. This is a process that can take several days, so your patience is appreciated.

16. How can I improve my Profile Completion Score?

To improve the Profile Completion Score displayed in your trivago Hotel Manager dashboard, follow the tips that appear next to it in the blue cards. Learn more.

17. How can I display my direct website rates on trivago?

The answer to that question is Rate ConnectThis article explains exactly what Rate Connect is, how it works, and how you can get it for your hotel.

I have more questions about my hotel on trivago — where can I find the answers?

We have many articles here on the blog dedicated to the topic of how hoteliers can use trivago to reach travelers online and increase their business. Of course, the Support Center covers dozens of more areas as well, everything from information about to trivago to advice for managing your profile or Rate Connect campaigns.

And if you find you’ve still got questions that haven’t been answered? Feel free to leave us your questions in the comments section below. We’ll get back to you with the answers you seek.

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